How To Set A Summer Table....Naturally

April 08, 2018

How To Set A Summer Table....Naturally

The dining table is more than a flat surface upon which to dine - it's a place to gather, to talk and to reconnect. It’s symbol of solidarity and a backdrop for laughter, tears and memorable conversations. Whether it is an impromptu meal amongst new friends, a celebratory feast with loved ones or a daily ritual - sharing a meal is the perfect excuse to slow down and unwind.

It’s officially dinner party season. The days are getting longer. The nights are getting warmer. It’s that time of year when gathering around your dinner table takes centre stage. Despite the dining table playing such a pivotal role, the table styling often gets neglected. You carefully consider your guest list. You spend time setting the menu. You even make a Spotify playlist. But...the table decoration gets haphazardly thrown together last minute. Sound familiar? 

Playing host can be exhausting, but perhaps it’s time the table setting received a little more attention. Admittedly, it can be difficult to know where to start or what theme to use. In the summer months, a ‘natural’ dining theme is an easy one to execute as it combines simplicity with effortless style. Interesting textures, organic materials and neutral colour palettes underpin a natural summer table setting. A table runner is a quick and easy way to add style and personality to your table - it can also set the tone of your dinner. Our jute macrame table runners create a light, airy feel and layer beautifully over linens. The intricate knots add texture and pattern without taking attention from your delicious meal.

Placemats and coasters are also an integral part of your dinner table setting. Not only do they ‘frame’ the plates and cutlery, but they are useful for protecting your table from spillages. Our natural, handwoven jute placemats and coasters are both timeless and functional. Handwoven by fair trade artisans in remote, rural communities in Bangladesh, they not only have a crafted, artisanal feel. When paired with the macrame jute table runner, it creates a sense of visual unity across the dining table. 

For the finishing touch to your natural summer theme, hang our unique woven flower garlands on your walls or above the table. You can even get creative and playfully weave them across the table or neatly layer on top of the runner. Delicately braided with twists and ties, our flower garlands add another dimension of texture and fun to your space. And the best part...they can stay up all year round!

Foraged twigs. Colourful blooms. Earthenware. Ceramics. The options are endless when styling a natural summer setting. Prioritise your table setting this year - don’t leave it until last minute. Approach your dining table as a blank canvas and create a table setting that expresses your personality and style. It will be a talking point amongst your guests - we promise!


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