6 Charming Ways to Use Small Baskets

March 01, 2021

6 Charming Ways to Use Small Baskets


A small, handmade basket is a pleasing object to have in your home. Its handmade nature shares the story of the artisan and skills connected to its making. The woven natural fibres will also contribute to a sense of harmony. Beyond these charms, small baskets are endlessly useful, with many possibilities for their use throughout a home or workspace. Because they can be used in so many ways, a small basket will often enjoy a long life in your home. Here, we share some of our favourite ways to help you make the most of these timeless pieces.

Six ways to use small baskets

1. Display treasured keepsakes and found objects

A small basket placed beside your bedside is a great spot to place your jewellery and phone each night so that they are safe, protected and easy to find the next morning. Beads, necklaces and bracelets look fantastic in baskets and work well alongside other baskets of accessories or cosmetics on a bedroom console.

If you enjoy collecting natural objects like shells and seed pods, a small basket is an attractive way to protect and display them. Place one on a hall table, sideboard or shelving unit for a simple, decorative touch. Or group a basket like this with other meaningful mementos such as photo frames, special books or hand crafted objects.

Six ways to use small baskets

2. Use small baskets in your office or craft room

Pens, pencils, paint brushes and small notebooks fit perfectly in a small basket and will keep them in easy reach while you work. When not in use, placing tools in baskets to keep in view can bring you joy and keep you feeling inspired. We recommend square or tall baskets for groups of long items and flatter baskets for books, scissors and small tools.

When not in use, arrange these vessels on the corner of a desk, sideboard or shelves and they will instantly add a very personal decorative touch to your workspace.

Six ways to use small baskets

3. Decoration and organisation in the kitchen

Small baskets come into their own in the kitchen. Use them to group cooking utensils that you want to keep handy for cooking, or just enjoy seeing every day in this space. Natural wooden spoons, scrubbing brushes and other vintage or handmade tools look fantastic when grouped together in a tall basket. We also love using round baskets to hold root vegetables like onion, garlic and ginger or your weekly selection of citrus before they go into your cooking!

Six ways to use small baskets

4. Add some natural style to potted plants and dried foliage

Pot plants and dried floral arrangements look gorgeous when arranged in small woven baskets. For live plants, baskets will add a finishing touch to any greenery you add to those corners of your home that enjoy good light. It’s such a simple way to add a fresh touch and make things feel a little more nourished or lively.

If you enjoy foraging during long walks or taking cuttings from your garden, arrange the sprigs you collect in small baskets to continue enjoying them inside. Small arrangements work well on a window sill or shelf and add nice note to a dining table. It's particularly nice to create a new arrangements after a weekly clean or before you welcome guests.

Six ways to use small baskets

5. Add a soft touch of luxury to your bathroom

Smooth, hard and cold surfaces are dominant in bathrooms, so a woven basket and some quality textiles will add softness and balance. We use many small objects and products in this room every day, so it is useful to create a place to store them with ease. Small baskets will keep hairbrushes and ties, cosmetics, skincare and beauty tools in check. Group them in a drawer or on a shelf to keep things neat and tidy.

Six ways to use small baskets

6. Entertain in style with natural baskets

Add a few decorative touches when preparing to dine with family and friends by using small baskets to hold drinks, serviettes and cutlery. Create a relaxed vibe by using baskets in combination with natural linen, earthenware and matching woven placemats and coaster sets. Dial things up for a more dramatic event by adding some extra adornments to your table centrepiece, candles and larger volumes of greenery and flowers. Enjoy!



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