Amtali Grass Tassels

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Bring woven texture and natural fibres into your home with our Amtali Grass Tassels.

Designed with a tassel attached to each end of a long plaited jute rope, these tassels are perfect to use as rustic, tribal tie-backs for linen or cotton curtains. They will also add a lovely textural touch to a space when hung from a coat rack, wall hook or draped around a door handle.

The Amtali tassels are handcrafted using pathi grass and jute by Fair Trade artisans in a rural community of Bangladesh.

    • Each tassel is 26-27cm high.
      Attached to 180cm jute plaited rope
    • Hand-woven and trimmed pathi grass.
    • To clean, we suggest dusting with a dry or damp cloth.