Trio of Round Baskets - Natural

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Good things come in threes! Functional, beautiful and textural, the Trio of Round Baskets is a perfect way to store objects around the home in style.

These natural baskets are ideal for holding your toiletries and makeup in the bathroom; fruit and veggies in the kitchen; for keeping your workspace tidy; storing small children's toys and as a catch-all in your baby's nursery. We love to place one or two on a sideboard or coffee table to display a curated selection of foraged finds.

This handwoven trio of baskets has been crafted by Fair Trade artisans in a rural village community of Bangladesh. The women first plait long strands of blonde jute, coil them and then hand stitch each row to the next with a needle and thread. The women use a tape measure as they go, ensuring each basket is the correct size and shape. 

A genuine Fair Trade partnership ensures the women who craft our Trio of Round Baskets are paid fairly, provided with consistent work and safe working conditions, among a host of other benefits that are in keeping with the Ten Principles of Fair Trade.

  • Small: 25cm diameter x 7cm high 
    Medium: 30cm diameter x 8.5cm high 
    Large: 33cm diameter x 10cm high 
  • Jute plaits & hand weaving
    Hand stitched with cotton thread

  • These robust baskets have been crafted to last, however the natural jute changes colour in the sun, so be sure to them clear of harsh rays and damp.