Trio of Round Grass Baskets - Low

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The Trio of Round Grass Baskets are a natural way to collect and store your belongings while introducing woven texture into your home. Handwoven from pathi grass, these lightweight baskets are ideal to use as catch-all's throughout your home; as storage in the bedroom, bathroom or playroom.

Pathi Grass is a fibrous plant that produces a very fine natural weaving material. We developed the open-weave pattern found on the sides of the baskets with our NGO partner and their master weaver when we visited Bangladesh in 2019. To achieve this pattern, artisans practice a combination of weaving flat and twisted pathi grass. The base of the baskets is a traditional solid herringbone weaving pattern.

The artisans who make these baskets have been basket weaving with pathi grass and other natural fibres for many years. They are based in a beautiful tropical village laden with coconut palms and work together in a community Fair Trade workspace. The NGO that supports this groups of artisans ensures they receive regular work, safe working conditions and fair wages.

  • Small 25cm diameter x 7cm high 
    Medium 30cm diameter x 8.5cm high 
    Large 35cm diameter x 10cm high 
  • Twisted and woven pathi grass
  • - This basket has been designed and woven to last however pathi grass is softer than some natural fibres so needs a little TLC.
    - If you're putting a potted plant in this basket, remember to place a tray underneath the plant pot to collect water.
    - To clean, we suggest you vacuum your basket or occasionally take it outside on a dry day and shake or beat it to dislodge dirt particles.
    - Blot water-based spills with kitchen paper or an absorbent cloth as soon as possible.