Soha Laundry Basket

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Brimming with our trademark woven texture, the Soha Basket combines practical storage with natural style. Timeless and neutral, the fabric is a handwoven combination of natural blonde jute and bone coloured cotton thread, so it will work well with most decor styles.

Handloomed soft cotton lining makes this basket ideal to use as a laundry basket to hold your worn clothes in between washes. It is also a functional storage option for children's toys or if you're seeking a beautiful vessel to hold your favourite potted plant. However you choose to use it, the Soha Basket is sure to add purpose, texture and style to your home.

This handwoven jute basket has been crafted by Fair Trade artisans in a rural village community of Bangladesh. The women first plait long strands of blonde jute, and then weave the plaits together with bone-coloured cotton thread on wooden looms row by row, before stitching the ends using a needle and thread. Interior firm rubber lining ensures this basket remains upright while strong woven handles are both sturdy and statement-making. The final basket is sewn together in a small Fair Trade sewing centre. 

A genuine Fair Trade partnership ensures the women who weave and sew our Soha Laundry Baskets are paid fairly, provided with consistent work and safe working conditions, among a host of other benefits that are in keeping with the Ten Principles of Fair Trade.

  • 42cm diameter x 52cm high + 2 x 35cm handles 
  • Plaited natural jute and cotton, handwoven on wooden looms 
    Hand woven natural cotton lining fabric
    Hand crafted jute macrame handles
    The final basket is machine sewn in a Fair Trade sewing centre
  • - This robust basket has been designed to last. Jute changes colour in the sun, so be sure to keep it clear of harsh rays.
    - If you're putting a potted plant in this basket, remember to place a deep plastic tray underneath the plant pot to collect water.
    - To clean, we suggest you vacuum your basket or occasionally take it outside on a dry day and shake it to dislodge dirt and dust particles.
    - Blot water-based spills with kitchen paper or an absorbent cloth as soon as possible. Do not rub stains or spills from your basket as this may spread the stain and loosen the jute fibres. For oil-based or coloured spills, please consult a specialist cleaning professional.
    - You may choose a protection treatment prior to using your basket. We recommend MicroSeal who offer a DIY protection and cleaning kit suitable for jute fibres.